Saturday, April 14, 2007

More friends

Here I am with Bubba & Abby again- we did some dress up fun for Halloween one year- I think the dress is still in the closet.
Abbs & I decided we just don't do hats.
But don't you think Bubs looks FAB as a bumblebee!
This is Louis- my oldest friend.
He kind of Rules the Roost, if you catch my drift.
Actually, most of my bigger friends are just terrified of him. But to be fair, he does have sharp toes.
I am not sure why he thinks the big dogs are so wrong... but he basically whacks everyone a few times. But then he is fine- maybe he will steal a warm spot, but he is the boss, so who am I to argue?
I seem to have a lot of Irish Wolfhound friends! Which is great of course! They always seem to have food leftover in their bowls, and I wouldn't be much of a friend if I let it sit there and get all stale, so I do my best to help.
It can be a bit of a stretch to see eye to eye on all things, but a good sniff seems to equalize all, donchaknow.
Well, I will get some more pictures posted here of other friends pretty soon. I just have to get the humans motivated to do it.
Any good tips on motivating them?

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